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About Me

My name is Fan Wu, I was born in Shanghai, China.

I have been passionate about hand-painted art since I was a child, and I have shown my talent in painting. During my college years, I had the honor to go to Temple University in Philadelphia for further study in printmaking. It was during this time that I was first introduced to the art of tattooing.
Since printmaking and tattooing have something in common with hand painting, I began to learn by myself and try to create tattoo works for myself and friends around me. Through continuous exploration and practice, my skills gradually improved, and I was recognized and loved by the people around me.

As an anime tattoo artist, I often incorporate various anime elements into my creations. Whether it is classic Japanese anime characters or personalized designs, I strive to translate them into unique and exquisite tattoo art. Behind each piece, there is a deliberate conception and careful polishing process.
Through my work, I hope to convey people's understanding and appreciation of animation culture and personal expression of emotions. When each client comes to me for services, I will patiently listen to the meaning they want to express or present on the skin, and design and create according to their needs.
In addition to skills and talent, I also need to maintain a high level of dedication and responsibility in my career path. Ensuring safe, hygienic and comfortable use is one of the most important principles.

At the same time, in terms of communication, I also pay close attention to customer needs and give professional advice.
Becoming an anime tattoo artist has taught me a lot. Make progress by practicing myself, striving for perfection and listening to the needs of customers, and apply this accumulation to each new project to create more excellent, satisfying and personalized tattoo art.

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